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SizedRightMarketing provides support in the follow areas:



Market Conversations- Systematically gathering qualitative and quantitative feedback for clients is a core competency of SRM. Two primary services are:

Win Loss Analysis – Interviews are conducted with customers and lost prospects to better understand the decision making process, key selection criteria, the client’s and competitors’ perceived strengths and weaknesses, and customers’  planned next investments. Information is summarized in qualitative and quantitative formats along with feedback from individual interviews. 

New Product / Services Concept Testing Interviews are conducted within specific market segments to gauge the attractiveness of a new concept.  Explored issues include: price sensitivity, recognition of need, identification of likely product champions, adoption hurdles, market view of competing technologies, and required proof points for easy adoption. 

Business Planning –  SRM typically generates a business plan that involves a group effort whether for a start up or mature company.  This provides buy-in and is more economical for the client.  Interviews, market research and in-house expertise are used to build the case.           

For mature companies: Business plans often require the synthesis of different lines of business that support the broader strategic and financial goals of the company.           

For start-ups and newly funded companies: Plans are developed with founders to be used for investors and potential industry partners.  PowerPoint is often used, and scenario planning helps model the range of likely outcomes.

Due Diligence for Acquisitions and Joint Ventures: SRM performs the traditional analysis required during the due diligence process.  An assessment of the company’s technology or service, its synergy with the client company, the business model, primary and secondary customer segments, market sizing and financial forecasts are presented. Growth opportunities are typically viewed using a value chain framework.


Marketing Communications: SRM designs communications strategies for its clients and develops an arsenal of tools that may include case studies, application briefs and white papers. SRM can also act as an “invisible hand” for senior management by writing communications that include, for example, updating employees on company performance, explaining to analysts the reason for an acquisition, preparing for a board meeting or other significant strategic messages.


Sales Channel Development: Sales funnel assessment, integration of inside sales efforts, structuring multi-tiered marketing programs, development of sales tools, and enhanced training are some of the ways SRM assists clients in upgrading their sales channel performance.

Operations Benchmarking - Longitudinal data is used to assess performance and trending in the following areas:           

Customer Satisfaction: Customer surveys are performed to evaluate performance and identify strengths as well as potential problem areas. Periodic assessments are performed to track progress.

Internal Marketing and Sales Performance Audit: Coherence of vision, goals, implementation plan, and performance metrics are assessed.  Skill gaps may be identified in the process.